Author Nikki Burris
Image of Pew Warmers

Pew Warmers


A Pew Warmer is someone who attends church regularly, gets their praise and worship on every Sunday, but lives a life of sin Monday through Saturday. Some of them even call themselves Christians. This book shows the drama filled life of five individuals, Dexter, Deon & Jasmine, Jacqueline and Melanie. Dexter loves going to church to find women to play around with temporarily . Deon & Jasmine look good at church and in public, but there's all kinds of hell going on in private. Jacqueline has a heart of stone and will knock you upside the head with it. And Melanie, well she may be drunk when she steps inside the church, but she never misses a Sunday, hangover and all. They attend church practically every Sunday, but not to hear or apply the word of God to their lives, but for no other reason then to keep the pews warm.

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