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Marietta's Marvelous Book of Encouragement

This book is dedicated to my mother, Marietta Burris. Anytime I was going through something or feeling down, she would always give me so encouragement to lift my spirits and to let me know that everything was going to work out. This book is filled with 100 positive sayings that God gave me to give to you. Everyone goes through tough times in their lives and when life happens, open this book because you will definitely find some encouraging words that will lift your spirits.

Pew Warmers

Twenty-six year old Dexter is a ladies man who doesn’t believe in having less than three women at a time. He uses the church as a place to find and seduce women. His motive is to fool around with them for about four months, dropping and replacing them one at a time. Dexter starts having some bad run ins with some of the women he has used and cut loose, but that doesn’t slow him down. He finally meets Keanna and something unexpected happens: he starts to develop feelings for her. He finds himself in all kinds of mess. In addition to juggling three women and the drama they bring, Dexter is also confronted with the truth of why he was placed in foster care and what really happened when his adopted parents disappeared out of his life at the age of six.

Deon is a city councilman who is well respected in his church and in the community. He’s married to Jasmine, the daughter of Pastor Gray. Jasmine owns a hair salon and does everything in her power to be a good wife, but the problem is, she’s not Jeanine. Deon has been in love with Jeanine for the past eight years and only married Jasmine because she was pregnant and Jeanine had married someone else. In public, Deon is the perfect husband, but in private, he is the devil himself and let’s Jasmine know just how he really feels about her. As Jasmine struggles to keep her parents and the community from finding out what’s really going on behind closed doors, the truth slowly starts to rear its ugly head.

Jacqueline is the mother of Pastor Kendrick Foster and also the birth mother of Dexter whom she has been trying to locate for twenty-four years. She blames her mother and sister for Dexter being placed in foster care after Jacqui went to prison for stabbing her ex-husband. She is finally reunited with Dexter, but because of her stone heart, their reunion is short lived. Jacqui is cold hearted and doesn’t care about anybody but her two children until they get on her bad side. She treats her husband, Marvin, bad as well as everybody else she encounters. It’s either her way or the highway.  She loses all the people who love her and finds herself alone until a bad accident takes place and causes her to re-evaluate her life.  

Melanie is an abuse counselor who spends most of her free time with men and alcohol. She leads a very dangerous and reckless lifestyle despite her cousin Audriana’s constant pleas to turn her life around. An incident occurs that scares Melanie into trying to turn her life around. She hooks up with Pastor Foster and it seems she’s finally doing things decent and in order. That’s until she becomes bored with her safe and cautious lifestyle and makes a decision that in time may end her life. Melanie is also the niece of Jeanine and when Deon finds out, he is determined to use her to help him reunite with the love of his life regardless of his marital status.

You Can't Hurry God

Marcus, Stephanie and Michelle all pray to God for a particular thing, but when they feel God is taking too long to answer, they set out to answer their own prayers. Marcus has been working for the Douglas Corporation for several years and really wants to make supervisor. The problem is he has taken and failed the test three times. He decides to take the test a fourth time hoping that his prayer for passing the test will be answered, but a situation comes up that causes him to start losing faith. Lisa, who really likes Marcus and would love to have him for herself regardless of his marital status, is also the one person who can ensure that he makes supervisor. When Marcus puts his faith in Lisa rather than God his marriage, his career and his world are turned upside down.

Stephanie is pushing forty and is desperate to be married with at least one child when she finally reaches it. The only problem is she can’t seem to find a good man. All the men she has been dating have turned out to be dogs so she does something she said she would never do, turn to the internet. She meets Chocolate Dream and believes he is the man she has been praying for despite her mother’s intuitions and the signs that say otherwise. She continues on with Chocolate Dream ignoring the warning signs that keep popping up, but as time goes on the signs become too big to ignore and she finds herself involved with a man who’s ten times worse than all the other men she’s dated.

Michelle and Kevin have been trying for four years to conceive a child, but have been unsuccessful. A fed up Michelle sees the opportunity to have a child when her cousin Valerie introduces her to a very pregnant and poverty-stricken Tonya. She tries desperately to talk Tonya into letting her adopt her child, but when Tonya refuses all hell breaks loose. Michelle will do whatever it takes to get Tonya’s baby and she takes some pretty desperate measures to make it happen. Kevin, who wants nothing to do with Michelle’s tactics, soon discovers that having a baby is way more important to Michelle than having a husband.

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