Nikki's Books

You Can't Hurry God

Have you ever prayed for something and felt like God was taking too long to answer? Well Marcus, Stephanie and Michelle can definitely relate. They each pray for a specific thing and become impatient when God isn't moving in their time frame. Their impatience causes them to set out to answer their own prayers. This decision comes with negative consequences that causes them to hurt themselves and the people they love all because they didn't wait on God.

Pew Warmers

A Pew Warmer is someone who attends church every Sunday, gets their praise and worship on and calls themselves a child of God, but Monday through Saturday they live a life full of sin. Dexter, Deon, Jacqueline and Melanie's purpose of going to church is to keep the pews warm because outside of church they live just like the world.

Marietta's Marvelous Book of Encouragement

This book is comprised of 100 uplifting and encouraging sayings to cover any situation. No matter what you may be going through you will find a saying in this book that will get you through it.