About the Author

Nikki Burris was born in a small town called Franklin, Indiana, but was raised in Kokomo, Indiana. She wrote and self-published her first book, You Can't Hurry God in 2011, which was originally going to be a script for a play. Her love for writing books was formed and she wrote her second book Pew Warmers in 2017. Her third book, Marietta's Marvelous Book of Encouragement is comprised of 100 encouraging sayings. This book was named, inspired and written in honor of her mother who passed away in 2017. Be on the lookout for a children's book that was inspired by her two awesome grandchildren.

Nikki has always had a passion to help people in need and is currently in the process of opening Marietta's House Support & Resource Center to help poor and less fortunate individuals and families with employment, housing, food and other needed resources.

Currently Nikki resides in Georgia where she enjoys spending time with her wonderful children, awesome grandchildren, family and friends. She also enjoys reading, dancing, listening to music and hosting family events.